“Acnoc!” — Conlang Featured Word — Tenu Tendana

Tenu Tendana Conlang feature

To Know Sumthin’

From Proto-Indo-European, Tenu Tendana inherits *ǵn̥h₃-sḱé- (“know”) in the form acnocerei. Like all regular verbs, acnocerei may be inflected in the usual ways, i.e. eio acnocu (“I know”), keia acnoceth (“She knows”), acnocensei esth (“[it] is [a] knowing”).

However, Tenu Tendana has a common slang expression in acnoc, which irregularly and illegally just chops the verb stem off and throws it away.

A speaker uses acnoc in several similar cases:

  • Simply exclaiming Acnoc! is equivalent to “I get it!”
  • Tagging acnoc? on the end of a statement is like adding on “you got it?”, “follow?”, “right?”, or “savvy?”

A New Law of Historical Linguistics

…that People Everywhere Will Use Language to Be Ironic Asshats.

I speculate that the word form originates in belittling sarcasm. 

Tenu Tendana — An Indo-European a Posteriori Conlang

Conlang Facts

Winged Ision
Ision, a primordial Tenia (queen) of Tendana, represented in art with cheetah attributes.

Conlang Type: A Posteriori
Language Family: Indo-European
Script: Native script unknown, readily romanized (‘How convenient this should chance to be so’ says the conlanger!)
Mission: To create a fictional romanesque mediterranean language for use in an alternate history fantasy novel.
Lexemes-so-far: 200-250

Tenu Tendana Samples

acnocerei alo wicerei alo esth


eio sei hiven nivenetar. acthe vwei ha iawra althiva…ava nekala via kivenwei thurthem: ictho a recthem