conlang is a language intentionally constructed by an individual or group, as opposed to a natural language.

It is a thing; they made a movie about it. It has a non-profit organization, the LCS.

These are my conlang projects.

Acnon Tendanara (Language of Tendana)

Acnon Tendanara, lit. “pen of Tendana” is a Romance language, which, like Spanish, Italian, or Romanian, is descended from Latin.


teiu so enderor
aenva aesth aestheratar

“The god in the heart
is the soul of the stars.”

Compare to Latin, which, being my Latin, may not be correct:

deus in cor
anima stellarum est


acnocerei onei wicerei onei ei

“To know all is to conquer all.”

Compare to Latin:

*cognoscere omne vincere omne est

*I haven’t done the research to know whether a real speaker of Classical Latin would use this form of the infinitive in this case, but it demonstrates the cognate forms to the Tendanean example. Spanish could use the cognate infinitive for this case.

Enif Dac (The Old Way)

Enif Dac is an a priori language spoken by the people in and around the fictional Middle Eastern city of Isfadan. While it contains a few Arabic and Ancient Greek loans, it is a linguistic isolate.

It has not been very fully developed.

First line: ašǝlih, “happiness”

Second: tih ašǝlih cṇ, “thou art happiness”

Third: I’m no longer sure what this says. It’s been a while.

Midwestern Phonetic English

A phonetic alphabet for my dialect of American English, influenced by Latin and Runes.

From James Joyce's "The Dead"

A few of the best sentences written in the English language, from the climax of James Joyce’s “The Dead”

Midwestern English is included in Omniglot’s directory of constructed scripts for English.