Opus Title Type Read Original Appearance
29 Thunderwing (Poem) Buy Blood Water Wind and Stone
28 The Way of Water (Story) Buy Ruminations
27 A Writer's Prayer (Poem) Read (offsite) Gyroscope Review
26 At Valley of the God's UT (Poem) Read (offsite) Gyroscope Review
25 Opportunity to Change (Poem) Read (offsite) Clerestory
24 Poplar Applause (Poem) Read (offsite) Gyroscope Review
23 Ironwood (Story) n/a Tales of the Credit Card Age
22 The Plastic Beaches of Hawai'i (Story) n/a Tales of the Credit Card Age
21 The Writer at Campsite (Story) n/a Tales of the Credit Card Age
20 So Clothes the Grass (Story) n/a Tales of the Credit Card Age
19 Black Sand Beach (Poem) Read Of Sun and Sand
18 The Trailbreaker (Poem) n/a News From Nowhere
17 Santiago Road (Poem) n/a Owen Wister Review
16 Valor Sets Apart the Bold (Story) n/a Owen Wister Review
15 Meade Construction (Story) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
14 Dentition (Poem) Bite down! Open Window Review
13 Expedition Feb 26 2013 (Poem) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
12 Worth Liking (Story) n/a News From Nowhere
11 Like the Buddhas of Bamiyan (Story) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
Like the Buddhas of BamiyanA simile is drawn that ties a man with a mental disability in a group home to a vacant colossal niche in Afghanistan where for centuries a titanic image of a man stood only to be destroyed in war. Read more…
10 A (Particulate) Solution (Poem) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
9 He Was a Regular in the Coffee Shop* (Poem) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
8 On Maneaters of Kumaon (1944) (Poem) Read Open Window Review
7 To the Chaldean Zeus (Poem) Read Open Window Review
6 Darby Formation (Poem) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
5 Succulence (Poem) Read (offsite) Open Window Review
4 Four Corvids (Poem) n/a Owen Wister Review
3 Masada Naturalis (Poem) n/a Owen Wister Review
2 The Arboretum (Narrative Poem) n/a Soundzine
1 Dream of Some Stairs and a Wall (Poem) n/a Distinct

† 1st Place DeviantART Epic Poetry Contest, 2009
‡ Honorable Mentions WyoPoets 2013 Members-Only Contest
* Honorable Mention WyoPoets 2013 National Contest